ME                   MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM


The membership of Pride Toronto shall consist of such individuals whose application for admission to the membership has received the approval of the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion, in each fiscal year.

Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the term of membership commences as of the beginning of one AGM and ends at the beginning of the subsequent AGM.

Individuals shall be eligible for annual membership in Pride Toronto if they meet the all of the following criteria:

  1. Acknowledge in writing support for the objects and activities, including the “Mission, Vision and Values”, as amended from time to time;
  2. Be approved for membership by resolution of the Board; and
  3. Meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. contribute at least 8 hours of volunteer work to Pride Toronto;
    2. pay a membership fee, to be determined by the Board; or
    3. be nominated for membership by the Board.


In the event that a person is eligible for a new term of membership pursuant to either section 6.3(c)(i) or section 6.3(c)(ii) of the Membership Program Policy & Procedures document and the Board has approved the individual for membership, the membership period shall only commence sixty (60) days following the completion of the required volunteer time or the payment of the membership fee, as applicable.


Every member in good standing each year is entitled to:

  1. hold an office of Pride Toronto in accordance with the By-laws;
  2. receive notice, attend and vote in person or by proxy at Membership Meetings, in accordance with the By-laws;
  3. all of the other rights and privileges afforded by the Act.

Membership in Pride Toronto is not transferable.

"Pride Toronto" is a non-profit organization. 55 Berkeley Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2W5

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